5 FREE Tools You Can’t Live Without As A Marketer & Small Business Owner

In this blog post, a social media content writer shares five free tools that have greatly improved productivity and content creation for marketers and small business owners.

Jan 05, 2024

Writing bullet points has never been easier

I HAVE NEVER FOUND A BULLET POINT FORMULA EASIER THAN THIS... When writing bullet points for your product or service follow this simple formula of questions...

Aug 02, 2021

5 Things You Must Never Do When Posting Content To Facebook

5 Things You Must Never Do When Posting Content To Facebook. If you use Facebook for your business then this is for you…

Aug 01, 2021

21 Email Subject Lines That Increase Open Rates

Most people receive too many emails every day, so it's important to find legitimate ways (not spammy) to encourage your readers to open your emails.

May 20, 2021

Marketing Automation: Integrating Technology To Create An Engaging Customer Experience

How can you harness the abundance of data sources to improve the customer experience and make more effective marketing decisions?

Aug 01, 2020

Visual Hierarchy Principles Every Non-Designer Needs to Know

What makes a great design? Even amateurs who wouldn't consider themselves as being any sort of designer can create effective and compelling compositions by prioritising their content.

Aug 08, 2020

How to Design Logos, Landing Pages, and Content without Traditional Design Tools, like Photoshop

What tool can I use that is both powerful and simple to use, is very flexible (ie. easy to move and manipulate elements, layers, etc.) and doesn't require a paid subscription of any sort?

Oct 14, 2020

29 Psychological Tricks Used By Marketers To Make People Buy More

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and reflect on some of the marketing basics and think about the psychology of what makes people buy in the first place.

Apr 17, 2021

How To Create Simple & Effective Infographics - A Step By Step Guide

If you've never designed an infographic before, then this might post might give you the confidence to give it a go.

Apr 17, 2021

What Is The Difference Between SEO & SEM?

Whether you're a newbie to marketing or a seasoned expert, sometimes it's helpful to refresh your understanding of the key differentiating factors between SEO vs. SEM.

Mar 25, 2021

10 Email Etiquette Tips To Lift Your Game

Over time we pick up little behavioural habits that could be improved and you might not realise it. I've been guilty of a few of these, but number 10 is one is a pet-hate ;)

Nov 29, 2020

What Can A Small Business Do Today To Improve Their SEO & Get Ranked #1 On Google?

The age-old question for business owners new to the digital space is "How do I get my business #1 on Google?".

Dec 05, 2020

How To Build Better Websites & Funnels

GrooveFunnels is, by far, the best way I have found to be able to build websites, sales funnels, and sell digital products online.

Dec 08, 2020

Infographic: Email Subject Line & Open Rate Statistics 2020

Email marketing is still very much a craft. There are good ways to use it and there are bad, very bad ways to use it.

Apr 17, 2021

Follow This Landing Page Formula To Boost Conversions

Do you have a system when you design landing pages? Most of the time, I have just gone with the flow based on what content I have available. But, it turns out there's a better way.

Dec 17, 2020

How Santa Breaks All The Rules Of GDPR

While I'm not quite sure how Santa makes his money, he sure is walking on a thin line when it comes to...

Dec 18, 2020

Personal Reflection on 2020

What a year it's been. Most people's travel plans were thrown out the window as we all had to readjust to the reality of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jan 01, 2021

6 Essential Freelancer Lessons That'll Save You...Big-Time!

Clients that ask for edits and changes. Invoices that don’t get paid. The struggle to create a flow of new businesses asking for your services.

Jan 12, 2021

3 Killer Online Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

These mistakes are common, too. Heck, I am the first to say I am a victim of mistake #3.

Jan 05, 2021

5-Step Formula To Drive Traffic To Your Blog (#4 Is My Favourite)

Follow this formula to drive traffic to your blog and bake this into your blogging process to reap the greatest rewards. Here's my 5-Step Formula To Drive Traffic To Your Blog (#4 Is My Favourite)!

Jan 08, 2021

The Mindset You Need To Create A Successful Business | Marketing Talks

"The only way you're going to stay happy is if you build your business around your lifestyle and not your lifestyle around your business."

Mar 18, 2021

8 Powerful Words To Use In Your Marketing

When crafting your marketing messages it's important to think about the specific words you use to keep the reader engaged. While I always recommend

Feb 27, 2021